Feed backs on my art (PART 33333333333333333333333)


I have Finish my thrid art this is part 3333333333333333333 Hope you guys like it and leave some feed backs

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omg this is stunning! I love how sparkly everything is, and I especially love the pop of pink! :dizzy: Amazing job as always.


It’s really pretty.
However, the cropping could be better. I can see white patches around the figure.
Other than that; it’s super cute


Awwww thx everyone


Everyone do you think I should make part 4

  • yes
  • no

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Love it :point_right::kissing_heart:


who wants to see a sneek peek of part 4


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I love it and how out there it is. But the face seems a little blurry or faded and you can see a white outline on your character. Besides that i think this is amazing!


Everyone heres a sneek peek