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Hey guys , I have just published my first 5 episodes.I have spent like 1 month and gave a lot of effort to do it so I would appreciate it if you guys read it !!! The story’s name is I know you (I will leave a link here) It’s a mystery, horror, love, crime ,teen drama story which I gotta say it’s worth a read!!.If you guys want me to read yours too, feel free to ask me too( giving read for is the best)so if you guys like my story you can give a feedback and your opinion (I like hearing opinions!!lol) Heres the link guys
So yeah let me guys know when you give it a read!! thanks<3

haha sorry I meant 6 new episodes<3

I’ll read it and give you feedback if you want.
If this is a read for read this is mine:

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Hi, I read the first few parts of when I had my free time and here is what I thought:

  • Great start, it gets the readers thinking and wondering which is an amazing way to start the story, although I must say that you should do an introduction thing with the name of the story and the chapter number if you have ever seen these.
    They are featured in some amazing stories and it makes the readers think that the stories are much less bland and are more professional.

  • Your coding could use some work, it was alright but at the first start in the beginning, the spot directing was really off and it make me think that maybe you don’t have much experience with coding (no offence) so maybe next time, practice before you start the story and get your knowledge.
    If you ever run into coding mistakes, you can also ask on forums what the issue might be.

  • The animations could be better, they were bland and didn’t fit the dialogue completely well but it wasn’t terrible.

  • The text effects were a little bit off, some of the text would be cut off or there would be extra spacing, did you double-check your work? Remember to always do that.

  • Grammar and spelling were okay but there were some noticable mistakes made there in the dialogue. Please remember to triple check.

  • The story seems a little but rushed, no offense, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but there were a lot of mistake regarding not double checking and I feel like you rushed it a little bit because many mistake were noticeable and something that you would probably find unless you didn’t check.

Overall, the story was great, amazing format, very good storyline and I am not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings but I feel like maybe more the practice may help.

It was enjoyable, thanks for taking your time to read this.

  • Brii Springs :heart:

Hey!!! thanks for your feedback.
So at first when you mentioned about the coding i was thinking like(what is she talking about ?? i checked everything like 20 times)then i went into thinking that something might went wrong and didn’t see it, so i wen to the first episode and saw that i got away into thinking something else and didn’t wrote their zones (so they can be placed on the scene just like you said) now i fixed it thanks for helping me with that.Then you mentioned something about introducing? i have a name of the chapter to almost every episode i have published BUT to some of them i haven’t put any because some episodes start with something happening (As i saw on the mystery tv series they just start with the scene and keep on to that, so i thought it might be cool to do that).
Furthermore, you occurred some errors on the text effects? i always but always!! double check everything more than two times (even during the making of the episodes).
Also about my grammar, (here you might be right because sometimes when you think that something is right you can’t see the mistake of it :thinking:,but i always have a grammar site and check the spelling but some other times (which you might have seen on the first episode) i was confident with the spelling lol so yeah.
Lastly i had to be a little rushed to these episodes because last time ( i had the story published but not updated) i had people messaging me that i make the episodes really big and i should cut some from the episodes and make some smaller ones(but i also think that some have to be smaller so they can make the readers wondering more and more on what will happen next.
After all i think you should give a look to more than a one episode (because 3 or 4 of them are big).
Thanks you feedback although :heart:,
i love hearing others opinions

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thank you for your feedback **

Thank you for taking the feedback so kindly, the it can be hard to listen to it sometimes.
The book is really good overall though, it hooks the reader and gets them wanting to read more!


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