Feedback For A Thriller Story!

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I’m not very new to episode but forums. I’m excited to share my story ideas and get feedback if I should start this.

Title: Stalker
Author: BMwrites
Description: A man stands in black figure. Watching, Behind a tree. Somebody please, please help me!
Plotline: The Plotline is about a young girl named Luna, she is 16 years old. She is a very popular girl, she is very spoiled, although she is rich. And she has rumors about her, and she has her own boyfriend. Well… Luna about 1 year later found out she had an admirer. She had turned him down kindly. But he did not take it well.
He started wearing black, started hiding behind trees, watching her every move. Until he wanted
to kidnap her…
Every chapter yes they’re will be a cliffhanger.
Splashes/cover: I can do my splashes, but I really want a drawn cover. @darryl_daddy Agh Ik I’m bothering you but :sob::sob::sob:

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  • Maybe
  • No

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Dun worryyyy i got youu

You’re just gonna have to wait for 1 million yearssss lmao



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Thanks. I still feel like I am. But okay!

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Noo you’re not, trust me! In fact, I get happy when I get a notification from you lol :joy:

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