Feedback for my art!

Hello everyone! I just started up digital art again after a few years, I did it tonight just for fun out of boredom. However, I did get carried away and made a nose, I really wanted to focus on blending in the skin and capturing the depth of it.
Screenshot 2022-07-13 11.21.36 PM
This is what it looks like haha
I know I need more details in the septum area and the lower area that is close to the lip (ignore that area it is so sloppy), but other than that are there other things I should focus more on? I have Procreate but I used Ibis Paint X in this case. :slight_smile:


That nose looks pretty good!! :pleading_face: :two_hearts:


It looks rlly good !

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I think you’ve done a really good job. I think it will look even better with the rest of the face.


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Thanks everyone!

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