Feedback for my story: The Good Girl




I have just made my first story called ‘The Good Girl’.

It is about a girl who has just finished school and is going away for the summer with her friends and boyfriend to celebrate. Over the 3 weeks they are there she begins to challenge her good girl status and eventually meets a mysterious bad boy who teaches her the way of the wicked. The local gossip girl site doesn’t help the groups secrets remain secrets for long and drama is continuous.

I would appreciate it if you guys would read what I have so far and give some honest feedback. I am happy to return the favour.

Thanks :slight_smile:



Hello Lily I would be happy to review your story and if you could review mine in return I would appreciate it. I will private message you my review.Link below to my story.


If you request in my thread I would be more than glad to review it. Here is the link :



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