Feedback for story and art




Instagram: @ gstories.epi

Positive or negative feedback from my story “The Bartender” would be much appreciated :heart:


I think they look smokin :wink: :grin:
They look amazing!
Very talented.


These are AMAZING!!!
I will read your story tomorrow as it is 12:36 am here.


The art is stunning!


Your art is beautiful :heart:


This is awesome!!!
I wish I can draw like that!


Love you art. Very nice.


I love your art, and I also love your story! :heart: I’m not fully caught up yet, I’m on Episode 4 or 5. Definitely going to catch up when I have time and more tickets! :grin:


I think my eyeballs just got stuck (being sarcastic) but honestly though, that is truly amazing art pieces plus damn these guys are :fire::heart_eyes:.

I don’t know why you need a positive or negative feedbacks when you should know yourself that artwork is very amazing.

Tell me about the story? Because it looks interesting to read.


ohhh you’re the person I stalk on Instagram :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: