Feedback Group {OPEN}


Do you want feedback on a story? Are you insecure about a scene and want four/five more opinions, before you delete it. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here you can join a group of six people including myself where you can get feedback whenever available.

If you want to be apart of “The Feedback Group” here are some rules.

  • If someone shows you their story, do not steal their idea.
  • Ask permission first, before you try to take a scene of theirs.
  • This is not a writing group, periodt!!!
  • You are not allowed to throw a fit, once given honest feedback.
  • If you take a screenshot of someone’s story, it is not allowed to the public eye until they publish their story.
  • The Feedback Group will be in PM.

Give Feedback People List ~ Comment if you want to give feedback

I Want Feedback List ~ Comment if you want feedback

When you get feedback, comment your rating of our group.


I wanna join. The feedback giving group!

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I want to give feedback to people


@Forever1201 @Danielle318, I’ll add you guys.




I would like to get some feedback. I have just published 6 chapters of my first story, so would help a lot if someone would like to read it and tell me what you think. :slight_smile:

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Please go here.

I wanna join please

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Closed since this is a duplicate of Feedback Group {OFFICIALLY OPEN}.