Feedback: Is this Baby cute or creepy?

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1) Is this baby cute or creepy?

  • Creepy
  • Cute

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2) Would you protect this baby with your life?

  • Yes
  • If he were cuter
  • Not a chance

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3)How much would you sacrifice to keep this baby out of harm’s way?

  • Nothing
  • Very little
  • Everything
  • I would end them myself

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4) Do you think Episode should have Babies like this?

  • Yes, but cuter
  • No, this baby is too ugly
  • Maybe, I don’t really care
  • Absolutely! I want my own

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Suggestions for Baby in the comments below :arrow_down:


Cute. :pleading_face: I love his hair btw. :eyes:

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cutie, butttt the head is a little big for the body

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You should take requests for these…

It’s really cool.

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Yeah, I figured since the adult’s head’s are bigger than normal, then the baby’s head should follow that same style in LL. Also just because babie’s have naturally big head’s that are bigger than the rest of their bodies. I will look into this however and possibly change around some stuff to see if I can’t make it more proportional if it truly is too big for even that. Thank you for the feedback. Everything helps.

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Yeah, I definitely will in the future if anyone is interested, however they do take a bit of time to create.

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I can’t vote :frowning:

Yes, I temporarily closed them to make a second poll, they are open again, I will probably leave them open for the rest of today and make a second poll tomorrow.

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