Feedback needed (I really need it)

So I wanted to make a pose for my story and well I tried…
But now I just need to know what I can do better! Give me the advise please!


Is the character crying? If so, then the pose is perfect! If not, I could advise having the eyes open. Give off a sense of melancholy.

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Yeah she is crying and is mad! I was really lucky I accidentally screened it when she closed her eyes and it’s cooler this way lmao


The pose looks perfect, but the quality seems to be a bit low, also you might want to extra erase the white lines surrounding the character for a better look.

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I will! Thank you


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it looks really good!! as someone else said, i recommend erasing the white lines a bit more. also, using a bigger canvas might help with quality (depending on the editing software you use) !!

what program did you use? it looks so great!

I use Gimp but it took me pretty much time to understand it🥲✌️

And when I pasted the limbs they became a bit blurry- rip


Yeah I erased the white lines a bit and a bit of the blurry part
Sadly a bigger canvas didn’t help…

Right now I’m just searching for apps to make a picture less blurry

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