Feedback needed pleaaase 🤗

Hey guys,

I just published the 4 first episodes of my first story. Took me quite a while to get them done so any feedback would be appreciated, i.e. if I should even keep on going :slight_smile:

Thanks all xx




I’ll check it out. :smiley:


Lol I got some more episodes on hold and I did take breaks of writing within the year :rofl::sunglasses::wink: Ta x

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The Game

The Good
  • I really like the art. It’s very pretty. :heart_eyes: For about 2 seconds, you had me fooled into believing it was an official Episode story. :crazy_face:
  • I don’t really care about customisation or self-inserts but I really liked that you give the reader several places to change their look. It’s refreshing
  • I usually hate when the MC describes themselves through narration boxes, but your writing style is endearing.
  • Directing is nice.
  • Music is nice.
  • Splashes and backgrounds are nice.
  • You don’t crowd up the screen with readerMessage.
  • The main character is a bitch. I loves bitches. I am a very bad person. :weary::smiling_imp:
  • You used a filter and it actually looked good.
  • Drama right at the beginning. :bomb::boom::see_no_evil:
  • The dad :joy: Dude’s always on the verge of having a stroke when interacting with Owen

The Bad & the Ugly
  • You told me to “go easy” on you :joy:
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Lool you rock! Thanks so much, really appreciate the detailed feedback and giving me hope that I haven’t wasted the last year of my life… :rofl: It’s gonna get better in terms of the storyline and customized scenery, realized you get a little better with every episode you write lol :sunglasses:
Thanks again :kissing_heart:
D x

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I’ll check it out now and give you some feedback! :heart:

It’s really good… the plot is amazing and the art at the start is just… wow :heart_eyes: keep up the good work!! :heart:

Aw thanks hun means a lot! I shall publish a few more episodes to try and capture ppls attention :hugs: Art work did take me forever :see_no_evil::rofl: x

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Hey there! I just started reading your story and I’m in Love with it so far! Keep on doing what you’re doing! The story is really good in my opinion.! I would love to see how this story plays out!

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Thank you :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:
Uploading more tonight in case your interested keep an eye out :hugs::heart:

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Ohhh I’m ready!

Ep 5 published :wink:

Omgggg !!! I am shook! Brb :joy:

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It’s getting steamy… :joy::thermometer::fire:

It was very steamy :joy: I am shook she was like bye :triumph::joy:

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