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:cherry_blossom: need help with plot :cherry_blossom:
:cupid: Hey fellow epiaodians! I really needed help with my story plot for the upcoming thriller contest
:black_circle: I was going for the cliche undercover cop story with a twist
:black_circle: I was hoping for more ideas and what would u like to see
{ I have added options for u to choose it gender and you can fully customise all character, and choices REALLY MATTER }
:black_circle: I have settled with a decent ( hopefully eye catching ) cover

New section open- story ideas available...!

Also I am not sure a murder mystery story goes under the thriller categorie?


Hi, with your plot - your murder mystery plot could potentially go under thriller and maybe, add a slight bit of dark humour and I like that choices really matter as well.

For an undercover story, there is a lot of potential for the story and I think I recently saw a show called Bizarre Murders or something like that. Basically, this cop went undercover and actually started to become friends with the murderer (obviously with pretense) - however, maybe in the story this particular cop has gone undercover before and there was a life-threatening mishap. Maybe he/she is doing another undercover job to prove themselves and as a way to face their demons - potentially, if the wrong choices are made the undercover cop could be held hostage or something…?


Crime and mystery thrillers are two of the three most popular thriller genres, so you should be good with that!


well, Here is My idea as Requested…-
Lia, an undercover agent. she is just 24 but did lots of missions. She is an expert. Now she has a new mission. But she has to marry a starnger in the other country. this is the requirement. once married she finds out the one she married is a leader of a gang. The one who she was sent to find information about. but will she able to do that one she fall for him. But this doen’t stop here. This isn’t a typical Mafia story. Lots of drama and suspense awaits.
What will happen when she finds out that her Dad is invoved too… and what’s the reason behind her mom’s death. lets find out.


Great idea! Thanks


I might use some of the idea ( I like the idea surrounding the moms death )


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