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Hey forum goblins,
So I’m trying to decide if a story idea is worth putting my ongoing story on hold in order to write. I’m thinking the story would be for the Another World contest.

The basic premise is that the only thing different about the world is that gods have more power based on who worships/believes in them. So the story would center on a god that hasn’t been worshiped for decades and is suddenly called upon by a random high-schooler. It would be a coming of age/romance story.

I guess what I’m struggling with is connecting different plot points and making it interesting to a larger audience of episode readers (because obviously I want it to have a shot at winning if I’m putting my other story on temporary hold).

If this at all piques your interest (or if it decidedly doesn’t), hop into my messages and tell me why. I’d love to discuss it more with someone and get feedback on the outline.


I’d love to discuss it with you! Just PM me :heart_decoration:

I love mythology and this sounds good!
I have a question are you going to make up gods, or are you going to use old gods or are you going to use the gods of religions today? If you use old gods what culture Egyptian Norse Greek etc

So I’m planning to have the ‘main character’ god be made up (since he/she needs to be completely forgotten about and not worshipped in the modern day). I was going to have their best friend be Atabey, a Taino goddess that was worshipped prior to the 16th century.

For the background character gods, I was planning on featuring Yahweh and Allah, along with ancient gods like Persephone, Quetzalcoatl, and maybe Loki. I want to balance using gods that people know for name-recognition (which are mostly Greek and Norse gods) with being inclusive and mentioning new gods for people to learn about. So like, a little bit of both?


I love that.
You don’t have to say it so it isn’t stolen but have you figured out a purpose for your God? Since they are used to explain “natural phenomenons” and everything in life.

Oooh :eyes:

All I’m going to say is tag me when it’s out. Also tag @MoonW13 coz I think she’d be into it too :hugs:


I was a little worried about that because I don’t want to insensitively make up a god/goddess for a culture that didn’t actually worship them, so instead I was thinking of maybe making the fake god be worshipped by a cult from like the 1970s. That way I’m not appropriating anyone’s culture, and it humanizes the main character a bit more

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That sounds perfect!

Please tell me when it’s out

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:eyes: Sounds like something I might be interested in, yes.


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