Feedback on art please?


Hi just made this with @Circe_dreamteam outline so here we go
I like it but deep down I know some efforts have to be made but I can’t figure that out


Looks pretty!


Cheshy! That looks really good! The only thing I would recommend is to make the hair less pixelated. (It looks like you inserted a photo off the internet, which is totally fine if I’m correct. If you didn’t, ignore this)


I kinda inserted the photo straight from Ibis paint and yep the hair is a pic from the internet
Thanks so much for the feedback


Yeah! Not a problem!


If you need any pointers on anything art, feel free to let me know!


You did great on it I really like it. :blush::blue_heart::blue_heart:


It’s very nice!!!

rofl, @Circe_dreamteam is our president #Queen


I will defenettily come to you