Feedback on Art scene?

I just made my first art scene! I like it, and I’ll maybe open a thread for these, but first I wanna know if others like it! Here is is

And it came from this

Would people like my art scenes? Or no? What do you think?


Thank you so much!

That looks great​:heavy_heart_exclamation::heart_eyes:

Adam ma dude that looks really good. Teach me, adow. Teach me

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I’d love to! I am already in an art group, but I don’t do many requests, so another couldn’t hurt!

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Lol! It was pretty easy overall… I just hate the eyes :joy:

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That’s the hard part… I’ll think of something and p.m. it to you! Because we’ll need a theme with it.

Lmao… do you have discord?

Okay great.