Feedback on changes to this background

I have a couple of questions about something I’ve added


  1. The closed door is supposed to be the other side of the open door does it look fit?
  2. the red button next to the door is supposed to be behind some glass but does it look out of place and does it go with the illustration style?
  3. looking a the red button with and without the glass can you tell it is behind glass? (I’ll need to use both versions
  4. what is the best way to make the glass look like glass is cracked and has a shard missing?
  5. Is there anything you could suggest
  1. The closed door looks like it fits to me
  2. I think the wood on the outside makes it look a bit out of place bc there is no other pieces of wood in the room
  3. I think the red button looks like its behind the glass
  4. I have no idea I don’t usually customize the background
  5. Maybe the red button should be in the middle of the square?
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Thank you XX do you have any ideas of how I could make the button look like it belongs in the scene? I’m doing an interactive story (like an escape room) so the reader will have to use the button

Maybe use the same color of the frame of the mirror for the frame of the button?