Feedback on game. Is it offensive?

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In my story you are a selfish and very greedy seagull. The aim of the game is to grab as many chips as possible. I thinking of adding a blind person in where it’s easier to get a hold of chips.

Aim of game: to get as many chips as possible.
Scene: a cafe with a choice of 5 tables.
Table 1: has a couple on a date. (They would be kissing as a distraction)
Table 2: blind person
Table 3: a group of friends chatting so had they would not be paying much attention to the chips
Table 4: a person on their own on their phone.
Table 5: a two people chatting and eating however they are eating more than chatting.
How to play: it would be things like dodge the hand or freeze when they see you. You can visit as many tables as you want. But there are one table that is impossible to get chips from (table 5) however there other range from difficult to easily. The easiest being table 2.

Would it be offensive to put the blind person in?


I’m not blind so I’m not the most qualified to answer. I don’t personally find it offensive because the player is playing as a seagull and birds don’t care what people look like or what conditions they may have - they just want the food lol.

Buuuut if you wanted to spice it up a little and you’re still worried, you could make it so that the blind person has amazing hearing and they keep trying to beat the gull away with their stick or something? Or perhaps players could select that table only to find out they actually have a guide-dog with them? So instead of being the “easy” table, they could actually be one of the most difficult. Just a thought. :joy::person_shrugging:


Thanks for that fantastic ideas!! I’ll think about incorporating them. (I probably will)


You’re very welcome!

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