Feedback On Horror-Fiction Writing

Hi, everyone.

I have just finished a 833 word horror-fiction short story, and I’m looking for any feedback I can get. :grin: If anyone is willing to read through it and share their thoughts, I would appreciate it so much.

Have a nice day!

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I like them.
they made me feel so scared, afraid, or paranoid. Still enjoy it very much.
My favorite one would be It by Stephan King

All living things must abide by the laws of the shape they inhabit ,
by Stephen King

I love that even though it fiction they still have logical rule that they had to follow.
I also like that sometimes there is no happy ending and it get you thinking about what life be like if it was actually reality!
I would totally read this just because I love the genre

some honorable mentions Dracula, Frankenstein, Pet Sematary, The Call of Cthulhu

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I agree!

And thank you! I’ll send it in a PM.

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