Feedback on my cover!

Hey guys! So this is like the second piece of epsiode art I’ve ever made, and I would love your feedback on my cover:

Like, would you be intruiged by this and click on the story? Or does it look horrible and scare you away.


I would advice bringing the characters closer to the heart a bit, and moving them and the heart a bit to the left because they are not in the center.
Other than that everything is perfect! :ok_hand:t3:


Thank you!

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Yes it’s awesome and I’ll say everything that @Shahtuta said. And I would advice making the characters a little more bigger. everything is good :blush::blush:


Love it

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It’s cute, but I’d do everything stated above as well as making the characters a little clearer. The quality is a little blurry, although idk if it’s bc of episode. :heart:

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Does this work?