Feedback on my custom pose?

So, I decided to try to do a custom pose for the first time and it came out decent. Tell me what you think and give me some advice!! I need it bad :cry:


I love it! I wish epi would add some cute idle poses like this to the portal :smiling_face:

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Flawless :heart_eyes:

(But the “watermark”/Instagram attracts more attention than the character :cold_sweat:)

Thanks I will work on it it is supposed to be a splash but im not good with placement

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The size difference between the hands throws me off a bit (take that with a grain of salt because I certainly cannot draw any semblance of a human). Regardless that is absolutely beautiful for a first try! :clap::clap: I definitely would have believed you if you said something along the lines of “been practicing edits for a few months”!


I didnt notice that thank you

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Do you have some alternatives (some ideas for you):

  1. Put the action you want from the user on top. And the @ below (in the same position). You can add the watermark delicately, making it harmonize with the art.

  2. Replace the word instagram with the logo

  3. Or just put the Instagram logo, and the username

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TYSM!! I am using these for sure! I appreciate it

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Anytime! :wink:

I’m going to assume TYSM means Thank you so much :rofl: :rofl: I am not a native speaker


Yes it does :rofl: Thanks again

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Pretty good for your first custom pose!

I do think, however, that her (from the char’s standpoint) left arm is shorter than her right arm…? :thinking:

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