Feedback on my first cover?


I would love some feedback on my first ever cover. I myself am really critical and constantly changing stuff so I would love to get an outside view :slight_smile: Should I change something, add something?

Thanks in advance!

DEV :smiling_imp:


Hey! I like your cover a lot :slight_smile:
the concept is really cool and I love that it gives some space for the characters customization as they are not the center of the picture.
If you want to make it even better (just my opinion) I would consider adding some lighting effects on characters, as they’re standing in neon room but look like they’re just outside in the sun. Cover will look more realistic this way :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback! I agree on the fact that the characters look a bit ´out of place´ in terms of the colors etc. I will work on that :slight_smile:

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Anyone else tho…? :no_mouth:

I would put the characters a little more in the foreground and not behind the letters, they’re really hidden now. I really like it though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe I would put an exclamation mark behind the title to make it more interesting too.

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maybe make the words an overlay.
the words are overshadowing the characters

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