Feedback on My Ideas for a Zombie Story

So, I’ve begun to write a story about a zombie apocalypse called “One Day at a Time”. It won’t have a particular plot (I’m new to writing and plan for this to be more experimental).

Information about it:

  • The MC can be either male or female.
  • The LI can be male or female and the reader can choose whether to romance them or not.
  • There will be choices that will affect later episodes.
  • It will use a point system.
  • It will have mini-games.

Readers can gain or lose relationship points with characters. There will also be skill points (combat, medical, and agility).

I’m still undecided about the time, tone, and pacing. So, I’d like to know what would be more appealing.

When the story takes place:

  • At the beginning of the apocalypse
  • In the middle of the apocalypse (with flashbacks of the beginning)

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  • Completely Serious
  • Completely Lighthearted
  • Serious with lighthearted moments
  • Lighthearted with serious moments

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  • Fast-Paced
  • Slow-Paced

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P.S. If anyone has the time, could you list some pet peeves you have with stories so I can avoid them? Thanks for the help!


Hi my biggest pet peeve is when a characters hide them being bit for to long and they transition into a zombie and characters can die if they don’t pick the right choices

And also racism in it makes me feel uneasy i dont know i understand life isn’t perfect for some people but i wish it could be left out

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