Feedback on my new story for the Fantastical contest

Hey guys, I’m wanting some feedback on my story that I am currently writing. If anyone can read and give me feedback on it that would be great! The story is called Fantastical: The Realm of Mythiclandia. The story is Not published yet and I have only 1 chapter written so far, (I am currently writing chapter 2). It is made using the mobile creator on the app. So if anyone could read it and give me some feedback on it that would be great!


Hey want to do a read for read/ review for review? I’m also trying my luck at the new contest, maybe we could help each other. Let me know :relaxed:

I am willing to do a review for review. I will read/review your 1st chapter and give you some feedback and you can read/review my 1st chapter (since I haven’t finished the second one yet). We can review each other’s story over a private message or on this topic thread. Which ever you prefer.

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Hey, guys! **
I would really appreciate if you’ll give a read to my entry

Fantastical: Mysterious Investigation
People are missing in Innsmoot, the monster lives in the forest. Who’s behind all this? ~CC
**Fantasy \ Thriller **
By Lawful Evil

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