Feedback on my newest bff edit?

hello as usual, can someone give me some feedback on this?
I sense this kinda flopped


very beautiful. love it.

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OMG I love it!!! If you ever want to make more and need a model let me know :wink:

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It’s beautiful :heart_eyes:
Can you give me some tips? :sweat_smile:

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This isn’t good… It’s amazing! I love your work.

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I would love to<3
What kind of help do u need?

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The hair :blush:

that looks beautiful :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

It’s gorgeous! :heart_eyes:

It’s amazing.

Flopped where??? I love it!

AHHH girl that’s amazing ! the makeup, hair and everything is just perfect I’m crying :sob: :yellow_heart: