Feedback on my story idea?

So I’m working on a story called It Came Upon a Midnight Kiss. It’s about a girl named Faye and her best friend Myra who look back on the previous New Year’s parties that Myra and her brother, Noah host because their parents always go to Times Square for New Year’s for the weekend. Faye has intentions to break up with her boyfriend Hunter at the party. She wanted to so many times but she has always been scared to. Myra is trying to break up her older brother Noah with his girlfriend Raleigh because she is a bad influence on him. I’m still trying to add new characters and maybe some more subplots, so please give me suggestions and help! Here are some small descriptions of the characters:

Faye: The protagonist. Shy, socially awkward, and quirky. She’s very kind and tries to make everyone happy. She has wavy red hair and green eyes. She’s known to have a very casual and aesthetically pleasing style.

Myra: The best friend. Loud, upbeat, and extroverted. She’s the ultimate party animal and basically a mom friend. However, she thinks She has a dark brown ponytail and tannish skin. She has a more skimpy and basic style.

Hunter: Your basic pretty boy. He’s a very nice guy, but he is just too weak. He’s very basic and a little bland as a person. After all, he’s never kissed Faye or never took her on a date. He has a sporty style, blond hair, and blue eyes.

Noah: His personality is a wip oof

Raleigh: Manipulative, popular, and rude. She’s such a gold digger and only dates guys for money and attention. She has expensive tastes and style. She has long blond hair, pale skin, and green envious eyes.

Tell me what you guys think! Comments, questions, constructive criticism, anything!

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oof thanks i remember being on the old episode forums it’s hard getting used to :sweat_smile:

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I really like your idea, and I think it can turn a very good story. :wink:

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thank you! it’s still a wip and coding is so tedious oof

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