Feedback on my story please!

I’m currently waiting on episode to approve of my cover art so that I can publish. But I wanted to share my story description and put this out there.

Claudia Rose is 20 years old and living with her 24 year old brother, Max, in their old family vacation home. Claudia’s life isn’t the same after meeting her new next door neighbors, the twins- Silas and Raphael.
They say that Angel Grove is haunted with spirits and ghosts. But who really knew what else inhabited the island.
*CC available

I would love your thoughts of how my story sounds to you. Thanks so much!

My Instagram is @uglygh0stt. I’ll post sneak peeks and updates so if you’re interested give me a follow!


The cover looks really nice, and the title of “The Island” gives me some Lost vibes. Angel Grove sound pretty cool too. What genre is the story? Mystery? Horror? Thriller?

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Thanks so much!
All of the above lol I have it put in fantasy though.:grin:

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The cover is BEAUTIFUL! :heart_eyes: It has a unique style, and it’s definitely eye-catching! The story description sounds very interesting and hooking. Make sure to end the last sentence with a question mark, since it’s a question. And make sure to write “–” instead of just “-” for the dramatic pause.

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Thank you so much! I’m so happy to hear that.:heart_eyes:

The description for it on episode is different than the one I’ve posted here. I didn’t realize it was 180 word minimum lol

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It really is amazing!
Oh, ok. Is the story completed? It seems really good!

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Thank you! Not yet. I’m waiting for the cover art to be approved. :grin:

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I absolutely love the cover! The art style is amazing, and unique. Reading your description, it really gathered my attention, a mystery sounds intriguing. I can’t wait to read your story.

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But other than the cover, is the story complete?

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No, I’ll be updating weekly.
As of right now the first 4 chapters are complete and chapter 5 might be also depending on when it gets approved.


Nice, happy writing!
I don’t think I could update weekly. :joy: I started writing my story in January, and I only have 4 episodes complete and the 5th episode half way. I’m pre-writing it, so that I don’t need to worry about maintaining an updating schedule.

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Thank you so so much.:heart::heart:

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