Feedback on my story

Hello everyone! I just released my new story “Dear Evan” and I am very new to all this, so I wish some of you could read the first chapters (only 3 at the moment) and tell me your real opinions on it! My episode is @BeatrizEpisode .

Genre: Romance\Drama!

-Also, Leave your stories names in the comments so I can read it (currently looking for something new to read).

Ok I just finished reading your story and I freaking LOVED it. I started the first episode and I was already hooked. So far the relationship between Ellie and Evan is beautiful and I’ve already added it to my favorite. I’m just waiting on you to put out episode 4. Keep writing and doing your thing because you’re doing a great job.:blush:

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Oh wow! Thank you so so much :smile: It means a lot, and I sure will!

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You’re welcome

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Closing due to inactivity :slight_smile: