Feedback on my summary for my upcoming story?

Hey so I’ve just started writing chapter one of my story, but I wanted to solidify my summary as early as possible so I can build off of it. And as you all know, summaries are important on Episode since they get you interested in reading. If you could, please read my summary and give feedback or rewrite whatever needs to be rewritten! I want to see if my story sounds intriguing, and you fellow Forum users would read it. Thanks :slight_smile:

You’ve always had a great voice, but never found a way to show it- until you get accepted into LA’s hottest girl band. You soon learn there’s more to the music industry than paparazzi and big dollars.


Hmm sounds interesting I’ll read it. Also because of girl bands I’ve rarely seen those on Episode

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It’s sounds really interesting, It has a nice pull to it, referring to the girl band

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Thanks! Hopefully I can finish working on it sometime soon and get those 3 chapters out. And yeah, what’s up with no girl bands? I tried looking for girl band stories on Episode and I couldn’t find any! This is totally unrealistic, considering there are famous girl bands that exist/ have existed (Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, Destiny’s Child, Spice Girls, etc.) Oh well, hopefully I can bring something new to the Episode app!

Thank you! I’m glad it’s interesting :slight_smile:

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