Feedback on New Story

Hey guys I have a story that I’m working and I want your opinion if you guys would want to read it when it comes out.

Title: Unknown Fate
Description: Hailee life hasn’t been the best but then a sudden car turns everything upside down. But what happens when two strangers adopted Hailee? Big secrets is waiting for her in this family.

  • Yes I would love to read it when its out.
  • No, It’s not interested

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If you guys have any feedback or suggestions put it below.

Thanks :sparkling_heart:

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I’d love to read it💗

Thanks girl. I trying to have it out by Sunday but there some art that I need the story needs

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Cool can’t wait to read it!! Can you please tell me when it’s out?:two_hearts::sparkling_heart:

Of course. It might be out Sunday Night if i can my background and overlays approved before

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