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So I’ve really wanted to write an Episode story about something very sensitive. The story is close to an autobiography written in fiction form. The idea is about a Jewish girl being bullied and stereotyped (issues I had in highschool) who gets encouragement from her great grandma (I really did with my great grandma).

I want my character to be sent back in time of Nazi Germany when her great grandma was a child and experience alongside her grandma what it was like.

Now I know some of the stories my great grandma probably won’t be able to be added as they can be gruesome, but she was hidden inside the Hitler youth and they changed her name to hide she was a Jew. (All 100% true and verified, she speaks at the jewish museums). She even shook adolf Hitler’s hand.

Her story is incredible and I want to include it along with my own battles against anti semitism and prejudices. Is the entire story against episode community standards since it will most definitely have stereotypes about a group of people? Is this a story better for whattpad?

What do you guys think?


Thanks for the advice/clarification. I’m going to submit as much details to episode via ticket that I can. It does appear it would be a very tricky story to publish on this app, I’m glad I asked before hand lol*


Oh…wow. :anguished:

I think this sounds like an interesting story to be honest. I’m not aware if this is forbidden but here’s some tags that might know? : @schittwriter @scarlettm @Farah_DeSantis @juliewrites

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Thanks for the tag!
Honestly… “wow” is also my exact thought… :hushed:

Not sure what else to say. Sorry for being super unhelpful, as usual.


Your great-grandma sounds like an amazing person :smile:
I would say that this would be sensitive for some so you could give a warning like

NARR This story includes things from [Insert things here]



this sounds very interesting. However, idk if u know but historical figures r not allowed in episode stories. So u might need to re- think this. Therefore, Hitler cannot b a character, nor can any of his famous political partners. If u still wish to add them, u’d need to give them new names and appearances. Also, b careful on the references to concentration camps & the discrimination towards Jews… that may not b allowed. :grimacing:

my recommendation is to send in a support ticket to the episode team describing exactly what u want to happen in the story, they can tell u what u need to change for ur story to go within the guidelines. u can do so here: Submit a request – Episode

ur grandmother’s story sounds v interesting & inspiring :sparkles: good luck w ur story :white_heart:


I think you could actually create this story as long as you change names of places (i.e: Concentration Camps), political figures (i.e: Adolf Hitler) and any famous/well known jews (i.e: Eva Mozes Kor) (:

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Thanks for the tag!

As stated above — you cannot have real places or real famous/notorious people in your story as characters, so you wouldn’t be allowed to have a character that heavily resembles or symbolizes Hitler and the same goes for those who worked with him and had a reputation. Likeness is also not allowed, but I’m sure you’d be allowed to reference his name in passing dialogue, but city cannot promote him or his political agendas. So you wouldn’t be allowed to have any characters (soldiers, fans etc.) politically promote him or his actions, but you could still have them carry out his orders.

Guideline excerpts:

  • Celebrities and historical or contemporary public figures cannot appear as characters.
  • No images or illustrated likenesses of celebrities or historical or contemporary public figures are allowed as characters or on backgrounds, overlays or story cards.
  • Celebrities, historical or contemporary public figures, and real places cannot be a plot point or drive the story.
  • No derogatory-based words or discriminatory language.
  • No hate speech in any form on the basis of (but not limited to) race, ethnic or national origin, religion, marital status, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation, or gender expression.
  • No glorification of any persons, real or fictional, who promote hate.
  • No promotion or honoring of hate symbols.
  • No excessive promotion of a political agenda.

As for the overall theme, it really is best to consult the Episode Team via ticket with as much information as you can provide in detail, because if it’s too vague, they’re likely to say that they can’t determine whether it’s appropriate for the platform or not because there isn’t enough to work with. You’ll also need to consider writing it in a way that doesn’t focus too much on him because as the guidelines state, he wouldn’t be allowed to be a driven plot point of the story.

I also think you should consult more Jews, because they’re the ones who are more sensitive to this topic and could deem whether it’s appropriate to be represented or not. There could also be backlash against the story because it is such a sensitive topic, even if you’re planning to write it with accuracy and the POV of a woman who went through it.

Nonetheless, good luck with it all and your great grandma sounds like an awesome woman. :heart:


I reccomand you to ask this vis ticket direcly on episode.

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