Feedback on Story Idea and Cover Art? Does it grab your attention?

Hey guys,
I’m planning a new story (it is in the works) called “The Genuine Fake.” Here’s the short story description that would accompany it in the app: No friends? No problem! Fake Friends 4 Hire help the socially awkward in Chicago and help you find real friendships, but you didn’t expect to fall for one of the actors. Is everything about him really just an act?
I hope it doesn’t sound THAT cliche but it is a drama so ya know…
And I made cover art even though I’m nowhere near done with the first three episodes because I just got excited about the covert art lol. I already know what’s going to happen in the story already I just have to translate that into the script.
Can you guys give me feedback on the cover art and story description? (Obviously the cover art below will be cropped to the center, what I have there is what I’m working with.) I am not a pro at making covers but hold fundamental skills using Photoshop/GIMP etc.
Say you were to see this on the app as you were just browsing around. Does it draw grab attention or nah? Would you tap on it and give it a shot? Thanks in advance.

loveeeee the cover

The cover doesn’t attract me . The fake in the cover is hard to read and they are just in the air out of nowhere lol. This is my opinion and I’m being completely honest .

i love the way the title is presented but your right about the characters

The description is intriguing if I read that I would certainly give it a try but to be honest the cover doesn’t really pull me into the story. It looks nice but it isn’t alluring.

Definitely grabs my attention. When you publish it, message me and we can do a read for read :blush:

If I’m looking at only the cover art, without knowing the title or description, I would say it’s a little basic, not super exciting. However the title is interesting and the idea presented in the description would make me give it a shot. As a reader I take into account that we have to make our own covers and most Episode writers aren’t graphic designers or photoshop pros so a basic cover doesn’t turn me off to a story but there are readers that don’t take that into consideration and that’s something you have to think about. Personally I think your title and description carry it through.

I love the discription but I think that you could try making the fake in the cover more visible.

I don’t think I’d read based off the color art. The palate doesn’t match and some of the colors are rather neutral and boring. The description seems interesting enough, but I dislike when descriptions are like “what happens when you fall in love with…”

You should change the guy on the right. Make his clothing different, also. You should make the name of the story “Fake Love.”

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