Feedback on story ideas needed! POLL!

Hey guys,

So as none of you may know (excuse what a wreck I am) I have a story called Crossed Paths and well, I am thinking wayyy ahead…

I want to make two stories which are part of a series called “Call It Love” so Crossed Paths, The Critic, and Dynasty are within this trilogy

The first story is called The Critic (A Spin Off)

So this is Mindy’s (original MC) favourite movie about a woman who is a painter (M.D. Welles) who is extremely talented but has not received much acknowledgment for her work but her luck changes at one exhibition when the elusive Critic comes to visit this particular exhibition. The Critic’s identity is kept under wraps and has a beautiful taste in art.

The Critic’s real name is Eliot Meyers and he is a socialite as well as being very well known in high society. However, he resents his lavish lifestyle as he sees it as empty and pretentious so he finds a way to escape this by becoming a popular art critic. His opinions are greatly valued and he keeps to himself.

He falls for M.D. Welles and they have a beautiful time together (they go on little coffee dates but as M.D. realises who Eliot really is, she gets scared off). At the end, M.D. receives an offer to do commissioned art at a university by her friend’s mother who also offers further work for M.D. as well as getting to stay there. The Critic and M.D. parts ways but it is a bittersweet ending as M.D.'s luck has improved greatly but she severs ties with Eliot.

Eliot ends up going a downward spiral and he is the one narrating the story of what happened.


This is called Dynasty

So Mindy has a daughter called Rosa Andrianna Johnson and Rosa Andrianna is on the verge of becoming the sole owner of her father’s company. Rosa has big plans for the business but these plans are cut by a legally binding statement in her dying grandpa’s will that she must marry before her 28th birthday (she is 27) or else the company will be handed over to her cousin, Rodrick.

Rosa is extremely angry by this demand and would rather her not even own the company but her father begs her to maintain the company as he knows Rosa will follow his vision. Rosa has never been in love before but she encounters a few men who she begins to fall for.

Would love some feedback on this idea of a trilogy and would also love if you guys have any more ideas to write them out here.

Thanks :heart:

Here is a poll so you can provide your thoughts (thanks Apes!)

So should I write…

  • Dynasty ONLY
  • The Critic ONLY
  • BOTH (write a trilogy)

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I will be making pilot episodes for BOTH stories - anybody willing to read them and tell me what they think, let me know please!


So let me know which storyline is better/should I do both? Thanks in advance y’all.

Anybody? :joy::joy::sweat_smile:

coughs cough

I like both! Also, maybe create a poll so people can vote :wink:

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Ah fantastic idea, thank you so much!

Bump bump!

I think both are pretty cool story ideas. So, I would definitely write both stories!

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Aw thank you so much and best of luck with your story :heart:

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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The ideas are both very different and good, if you feel like writing them both I would definitely go for it. And I really really like the first idea with the critic btw, it sounds really original and like a cute story and just like something you might not see that often on Episode! :yellow_heart:

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Thanks so much, weird fact but these story ideas come from dreams I had :joy::joy:

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I wish I had dreams like this :joy: I’m usually just dreaming of food and stuff like that lol that’s just not really helpful for my writing! :cry: I wish you all the best for writing those two stories (if you end up deciding to write both) and I think I’m really gonna need to check your current story and the one with the critic out as soon as you start publishing it!

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Awesome thanks so much and my newest episode will have sneak peeks of the Critic as Mindy will watch it for her birthday :heart:

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Do both! I’m in the process of writing a sequel to a story so plan it out beforehand :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for the tip. I am planning a season 2 (incorporated in the OG Crossed Paths) then planning on the trilogy!

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Good to know, thank you! :yellow_heart:

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Sounds amazing :heart_eyes:

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Aww thanks, I hope a gain a group of readers who would love to check out my trilogy :smiley:

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All the best!

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