Feedback on users stories

I’ve seen a time or to where people have given feedback on someones story and to be honest it was just plain rude. I know people say honesty is the best policy but you can be honest and polite about it.

For example someone may say

“The spelling in your story is awful!”

To me that’s quite rude, maybe English isn’t their first language or maybe they aren’t very good at spelling. The polite way of saying this could be.

“I’ve noticed quite a few spelling mistakes in your story, maybe you could find a proof reader to help you”

Telling someone you dislike their story… you don’t need to lie and say their story is great, think about why you don’t like the story.

“I don’t like the story it’s boring!” again rude. Maybe say something like

“There was quite a lot of narration, you may want to tone it down a little so readers don’t loose interest.”

But if it’s just personal preference (there was nothing wrong with the story, you just don’t like it.)
instead of saying.
“I didn’t like it, it was a drama and I hate dramas.”

Say something like
“The story isn’t really my cup of tea but others who like drama stories might like it.”

And always try to point out the strength (things you liked.) as well as what needs improvement.

Eventually when I do need feedback I want someone to be honest about it but not rude.

What do you guys think?


i agree! there’s no need to be rude when giving feedback on stories…they need to realize that the author’s a person too and they have feelings

there are ways to get your point to the author without being rude!!


I like the points you bring up. Constructive criticism and feedback should be where you give out the positives, negatives, and things that can be improved on. Being vague with reasons and not really explaining in some detail might cause confusion.


yeah some people are just plain rude, I had a person tell me my story had to many mistakes to continue. that really surprised me and made me feel really bad because I had worked hard to have no mistakes in my story and when I asked about it. she said the story was really good but
the so-called mistakes were she didn’t like the way I did my CC templet. and she mentions a few other things I can’t remember there wasn’t my mistake

I couldn’t understand if she didn’t like the plot no matter how good story is, if you dont care for the plot it’s not interesting but she said she really did like my story, so she is god dang picky with stories apparently since my story is no basic but advance coding, with no coding mistakes. I made sure of that, the grammar cant get better than it already is. then its almost at a point where you need to pay someone to do it.

I can take critique, but that one sentence hurt me a lot.


that is what I say, I have giving a few rewiew, and sometimes its about a plot I have no care for. and when that happens I try to only talk about the directing, because when you dont like a story genre you arent the right one to rewiew it.


I do agree. I used to write before and got many critics like the one you staed was rude, I mean I knew my stories wasn’t the best, but there are other ways of saying it.


I glad to hear peoples views. I’m sorry that some of you have had rude feedback.


Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

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Thank you :heartbeat:

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PREACH! This is why I’m scared sometimes to ask for feedback on my stories! It can be really brutal and it makes me feel bad! I wish people would be nice and explain the problems in stories in a nice way so no one feels bad!


Well look who it is, you sure you’re not stalking me? :joy: only joking

But totally agree I’m still on the first episode of my story but dread when it comes to ask for feedback.


In case you’re scared of receiving feedback because of the sense dread about the reception you might get, I would advise looking at the person’s other reviews if they‘re public so you can see what you’re getting into.


I’m so glad for this thread, seeing other authors like me make me feel like I’m not the only one,

To be honest I feel like a bad author I don’t know whether people like my story or not and I feel somewhat discourage when I see awesome stories posted on IG or like the readers put on their IG story saying “Check out this story by this amazing person” and nobody didn’t post anything of mine and I feel like my story is a joke, I even went back and check my story and nothing was wrong with it and I spend the whole morning thinking “Is something wrong with my story” or maybe my story isn’t fit for episode, its pretty much like a personal story I wrote for myself anyway

Sorry about this, I just need someone to talk to hehe :joy: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

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Totally gonna bump this and bookmark it! People need to see this!!! We all should be nice! Even if the story isn’t the best!

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True. I don’t like reviews. I rather they say nothing. Sometimes you don’t ask for reviews and they magically appear in your inbox. If there is a mistake in the story I can understand but don’t tell me about my characters, what they should do, what they should say. How they should live their lives. Lol


People actually do that on the forums?


Yea I meant like when you do r4r. You don’t ask for a review and you get one . lol Detailed to.

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Ohhh. I’ve seen people mostly do screenshots for R4R. It’s kind of nice that they gave feedback, but if it was more so attacking your story and not really giving any real insight, then I can understand the frustration.


Ss is normal and feedback ( that’s optional). They just over analyse the situations. Yup and no real insight.