Feedback on writing characters with ASPD? LONG RANT

I’m currently writing a story, and I’d love some advice on how to write a character with ASPD without making it too corny, annoying or just plain boring.

This is quite a long rant, so if u don’t wanna read all that just skip.

It’s been quite a challenge thinking of a variety of different ways I could implement a sociopath into an Episode story.
I absolutely love the idea I have for the MC and her character growth for this story, but it’s very tough to make her fit into this persona while also making her a likeable character.
My main goal is to create a character that feels almost nothing, while also having something entertaining and funny implemented as well.
It’s just hard to portray her character with Episode animations, I feel like she might accidentally give off mafia leader vibes and that’s NOT what im going for.

Her condition is connected to the loss of her supernatural abilities, along with memory loss.
The MC experiences a lack of emotions that help normal people connect to others.
Empathy, compassion, sadness, grief etc etc…
I’d describe her current self as a very altruistic character.
I’ve read about ASPD for quite some time before fully making her character, and I’m very pleased with the direction the story will take in the first 10-15 eps.

She’s basically a con artist & a body language specialist, reading people is her thing.
She’s working for a massive spy company, going on all types of different missions while dealing with this identity crisis
Romance is involved, since it’s quite important to the story and the plot itself.
Basically strangers - enemies - lovers, all while she’s on the path to grow as a person.

I made her get a therapist, which i just found funny… But the therapist will 100% be a big part of her emotional breakthrough in the story.
I don’t plan on making her have ASPD throughout the entire story, once she’s back in tune with her abilities, her emotions resurface.

Honestly I might have repeated some things a few times, but I’m way too tired to check💪
Any experienced writers advice is welcome, and readers especially.
I wanna make this story enjoyable for everyone, not just myself.


I’m currently going into my final year of studying Psychology and have focused a lot on studying personality disorders actually, so if you have any specific questions for the topic, perhaps I could be of help. But since this is a story, looking at different depictions of characters in media could be a good source. I would suggest Thoroughbreds, for starters.

In regards to likability, really get to know your character. Whether it’s a protagonist or villain, what makes readers warm up to them is how most things from their perspective are justified, even if it’s not always the most morally or ethically acceptable path.


This seems to be somewhat of a fantasy story with the special abilities, but if you’re planning on giving her ASPD it is important for you to be aware that ASPD isn’t something that can be cured. Even if it’s a fantasy story I feel it’s disrespectful to those with ASPD to make it go away completely. ASPD can be managed but not cured.

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I definitely agree, but I wouldn’t really categorize it as “natural” ASPD due to the condition in which it occurred.
As it is a fantasy story, the condition wasn’t influenced by the MC’s past behavior.
It’s simply a curse which was put on her, along with other side effects that are often mentioned .
Her originally being an empath is quite important to the whole plot, hence why the magic fully reversed her personality & feelings.

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I understand that but that completely changes what ASPD is. If you’re planning on making it disappear, you shouldn’t call it ASPD in your story. there is enough stigma and misconceptions about ASPD as is. If it’s a fantasy story you can just call it a curse, writing a fantasy story doesn’t give you an excuse to misrepresent ASPD. People with ASPD have it forever it doesn’t go away, and if people who read your story think that it can, you are causing harm.


I fully agree with you, hence why I’m not directly calling her condition ASPD in the story.

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