Feedback on your story. Read for read!


Hello everyone!
I would like to share my story One of a kind.
This is my first story and I would love it if you gave me feedback on it.
I would also love to read your stories! Share links to your stories in this topic.
Title: One of a kind
Author: Miss Imperfection
Style: Ink
Genre: Romance/Drama
Chapters: 3 (ongoing)
Description: Life gave you one last chance to fulfill your dream. Will you use it or will it all go wrong again? Who will you meet and lose on the way? And is it really so easy to be a model?

Link to the story:


Hi! I’d love to read for read! I’ll read your story as soon as I could and send feedback, screenshots. :blush:
My story:
Title: Unexpected Love
Author: Victoria_Smith
Genre: Romance
Number of Episodes: 10 (more episodes coming soon)
Description: Victoria disappointed in love and she completely changed. Is she find love again or she share a bed with strangers?
Insta: @victoria_smith_episode


Hey, I would love to do a read for read with you, so if you’re interesed message me so i can start on your storie.
When I’m done I’ll publish the screen shots here since I don’t have instagram. :slight_smile:
Here’s the details to my story in case you want to check it out.
Author: SS
Title: Shattered Souls
Genre: Romance
Style: Ink


Hey! I’m up for a read for read with you. :slight_smile:

Here are some details about my story in case you’re interested:
Title: Dark Temptation
Author: Menia
Genre: Fantasy (but of course you’ll have enough romance in the story :wink:)
Episodes: 7 (more episodes coming soon)
Description: Popularity, friends and a hot boyfriend: Lia’s life is nearly perfect. But things take a darker turn when a new guy shows up and with him the truth about Lia’s identity…


Hello. My name’s B612 Resident. Thanks for creating this thread. I’m also doing R4R. I’d love to read your story. If you’re interested, please message me. I’ll try to read yours as fast as I can. If your read mine and I haven’t replied you after a week, please message me again. Thanks. Here’s the information of my stories

Title: Guard in Rouge
Type: Ink
Genre: Action
Chapters: 7 (ongoing)
Author: B612 Resident
Description: Everything seems peaceful, but an eventful night stirred up something that should’ve been ended years ago. Will it be a challenge or a piece of cake for MC to get out of this mess?

Title: Fantastical: Angel on Vacation
Type: Ink
Genre: Fantasy
Chapters: 3 (ongoing)
Author: B612 Resident
Description: Rexana is angel sent to Human world. Everything is brand-new to her. Who will she meet and what will happen along this adventure. Can she keep her identity a secret? c.c

Thanks again :slight_smile:


I love a read4read
My story: My Love, My Life, My Fate
Desciption: Adele is a fabulous girl with a nice personality until her past started to haunt her. Love, Sex
Lies, Crime, Drama, Will Adele survive the crazy ride with putting up with celebrity bad boy and near-death experience?
Genre: Romance/Drama



I have accumulated over 200 passes over the past few months and I am willing to do read for reads on anyone’s story. Here is my story, yay:

Title: Dark Side Daddy
Type: Ink
Genre: Romance
Chapters: 3 (ongoing)
Author: Zee
Description: Being a “good girl” all your life got you nowhere, so you decide to venture over to the dark side. Luckily for you, a hot, mysterious, older man can help you get there! {CC}


I’ve started reading your story. Where should I leave feedback when I’m done?


I’ll definitely read your story when I have time. Where should I leave feedback on it?


Hey everyone!
I’d like to promote my story called Complicated: with Bad Boy and Ugly Duckling here.
Below you can find the information you need to try it out.

Author: Mona K
Story Title: Complicated: with Bad Boy and Ugly Duckling
Genre: Romance, Drama, Action, Comedy
Description: Cathyln is constantly picked on by her peers. Boys make fun of her and her “friends” make her do errands for them. Revenge her peers, betrayers and what if guy changes or not?
Instagram: @monak.episode

Please make sure to follow me on Instagram to contact me or for sneak peeks of the story!
I’m up for read for reads as well, contact me on Instagram for that, please! :slight_smile: :two_hearts:


Hi, this is my story :relaxed: :sparkles:
Please let me feedback and let me know if there are errors, so I can improve :sparkling_heart:
TITLE : The sound of love
GENRE : Romance
DESCRIPTION : A fleeting exchange of looks will change your life forever. Will a popstar win your heart? Customize characters.
EPISODE : 5 (Ongoing)
INSTAGRAM : @thesoundoflove_ep


You can pm me for the feedback. I’ll do the same if it’s okay for you?


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