"feedback" or negativity?

Hello everyone, so I have been seeing a lot of forums recently talking about cliches and how stories like that should be taken off the trending shelf.
I would just like to throw my opinion on the table. Please be nice.

I personally think people should be able to make stories with whatever “cliche” they want to work with. I personally have made a story myself with a “bad boy” and I think it’s a good story.
I do not agree with the romanticization of things such as abusive, toxic, and all around horrible men. I did create a character who is a “bad boy” but not abusive, disrespectful, and toxic.
There are stories that portray a relationship that can seem toxic to the reader but as long as its a completely consensual relationship between two adults I don’t see a problem writing about a relationship where there’s toxicity like ‘cheating or revenge’. Writing about relationships with domestic abuse is fine too for a story but this is not something to romanticize. If all of these can be portrayed in real books, there’s no reason why authors shouldn’t be allowed to make a story they deem interesting.

Yes it is true that love triangles may not be realistic. (This may or may not be true since it totally could be a reality for someone) But the point of stories and books has always been to grab readers and keep them interested. If books were realistic they would be boring to read. If a love triangle is interesting to readers then there’s absolutely no reason to ruin it for them.

Alright this one is super on the fence. I don’t see a problem with there being a kidnapping in a gang story or maybe even a normal story with a huge turn of events, but everybody has their own trauma and its necessary to let your readers know what’s going to be happening and warnings are very important so that if a reader doesn’t like something that you are adding to your story they can stop reading.
BUT, I definitely don’t support romanticizing falling for your kidnapper. That is seriously messed up and really belittles the experience of survivors and victims of actual kidnappings. There are young kids on the app and maybe they think they can handle a gang story with kidnapping but what you’d be putting into their heads if a kidnapper is suddenly a bit nicer to someone who they KIDNAPPED, and they fall for each other, is risky and dangerous and all around sick.

A story where theres a nerdy girl with some glasses and braids and is told to change her appearance for the validation or attention of others is pretty toxic. There are many readers out there with their glasses and braids who are being made to feel like they aren’t pretty because nobody lets a “nerdy” girl be herself.
I’m all for a nice transformation with her complete consent and her changing what she’s comfortable to change, but I don’t like the idea of her suddenly getting popularity because her hair is down and glasses are gone.

All around I think if your story is good, cliches are okay with me, and probably many other people. It’s also great to find new things to write about but there’s nothing wrong with a cliche, I mean they are cliches because people like them.

what are your opinions on the lust stories?

I also do not support romanticization of things such as

  • someone who is already in a relationship
  • a family member (seriously? ew?)
  • a teacher (even if you are a consenting age that is disturbing and still not allowed)
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Eh this is a child’s app. They can’t have adult content on here otherwise the rating will be 17+ on the app store and Google play etc. Which means they will lose a lot of audiences. Plus we all know people are going to lie about their age.

Now for bad boys, most of them are toxic.

We are tired of these cliches.

Author’s have responsibility for what they write and publish.


I mean I see what your saying anyone can make their story a cliche as they want. They also have to think about the readers it is a 13 plus app and i know there are younger kids that have the app. kidnapping really should not be normalized in mafia stories. Also with the sex scenes even if you did add a skip option younger kids are still going to read it anyway.


Cheating and revenge and toxic relationships (even consensual) is not fine at all. (Literally cheating is betraying a person’s trust).

It’s not right but if its not being romanticized it shouldn’t be “not allowed”.

I can agree with this

Most of it is romanticised though.

That’s true but there’s still people who aren’t so tired of the bad boy cliche. I don’t support romanticization of toxic ones but if he’s well put and if has basic morals and is respectful, there’s no issue.

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Yeah I understand that and that is what I do not support.

Sure it’s literally betraying a person’s trust but so are backstabbing friends and everything that most stories include, we don’t need to shelter people from the reality of betrayal. I don’t see it ever being romanized or glorified. The cliche itself isn’t the problem, it’s how the individual author chooses portray them, bad boys or gangs themselves aren’t a problem in stories, it’s how the author chooses to either glorify or show the reality of it.


i agree with you

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its literally all about the author!

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