Feedback please ASAP!


Hey guys I need feedback on this drawing!
It was inspired by Nighty!


HONEY SUGAR PIE THATS GREAT give me the talent please…


Do you want constructive criticism?


Yes I need it!


I would say that the curve near her bust at the top of the tank top looks a little unnatural (as it fits her body all the way up until the bust, then it is kind of just floating in mid-air) You can fix that by making the shadow near/on her bust a little smaller, because it looks like the tank top is making that shadow. Another thing I noticed was her hair seemed to be a little bit big for the overall size for her body, which isn’t really something I would suggest working on, because it is kind of a preference thing, if you think it is how you wanted it to come out than roll with it!! (It just kind of pops out a little, which is why I thought I would add that detail). But other than those two things I noticed, it is very well proportioned and colored!


Luv it sis! The only thing I don’t love is the way the hair is flowing in front of the face, but other than that, I got a talented sista!


Ok! So I still have to work!


I love ya sista thanks I need a lot of feed back…
I need pro create!


Lol, I feel ya, but I don’t have that kind of cash


The only things I would suggest changing are something that only takes 10 seconds (and they are preferences, so it is totally up to you on if you want to change it or leave it) either way it looks awesome


Mind if I ask what is preferences


Sure! It is what in your opinion you believe is better or that you like more


Oh thanks!