Feedback to Unpublished Story!


Please share feedback to this story so me and the Owner can finish it. Please rate 1-10 on how good it is other than that credit goes to @Oli3237 for all the ideas and the story is mine and hers. Please show some love.

Rating goes to 1-10 only

Tell us what we should fix.

And what we should add to it.


How long have you been doing this?


Btw I read it :slightly_smiling_face:


How was it?


Could you answer my question first…


Well until today.

How long I’ve played a year


You did that all today :grin: that is amazing lol and it is actually good for a day I would rate it a 8 or 7 because the first episode was only CC I feel like you should make the both episodes together or idk because you probably haven’t finish the first episode


I did finish episode 1. I’m just not finished with episode 2. But it does save your name. Thank you for the rate too.

Real credit goes to @Oli3237


Yeah it does save your name but I think that the first episode shouldn’t be only about Cc, like they say idk if they say this lol but like they say the first episode is the first impression so yeah and your welcome for you rate :sweat_smile: