Feedback: What can I do to make this Baby Better?

Based on this Poll Feedback: Is this Baby cute or creepy?
I have learned that most people find this baby cute, but would like it to be both cuter and don’t find themselves having an emotional connection to him. My next line of questioning is to ask what I can do to improve these odds. If you haven’t already please take the time to vote on my previous poll linked above before voting on this one

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1) What specific part of this baby do you feel needs improvement?

  • The hair
  • The body proportions
  • The clothes
  • The face
  • Other
  • Nothing

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  1. This baby’s mother was brutally killed, and your MC is the only thing keeping him safe, knowing this how do feel?
  • Like I have to protect him
  • Unchanged
  • Happy, I don’t like this baby

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  1. Here are two separate versions of this baby. Which one is do you like the best?
  • Image one
  • Image two
  • Neither

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If you Have any further suggestions to make this baby cuter or better, don’t hesitate to comment! All opinions help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This baby is actually adorable


I think his hair looks like a K-pop star’s :laughing: lmao, sorry! Babies rarely have this much hair :thinking: Also his face expression seems a bit too mature, like it was an adult’s face before and was transformed into a baby face (does this make sense?).


The chin needs to be more round and not have a point🥺 but otherwise it’s so cuteee💕

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Yes, that does make sense! The face has yet to be animated so it’s at it’s default stage, it will be a lot more expressive in the future, and yeah I agree it’s very grave lol. You are also right about the hair, it is a stylistic choice but maybe less hair would be more accurate. Thank you for the feedback, as always I appreciate it.


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