How would you guys rate my new edit shop?! I My shop

  • Great!
  • Okay…
  • Bad!

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I think it looks great! :grin::ok_hand:

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Thanks @dasha_author!


Np! :laughing:

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Best shop on the forums!! :grin::grin::grin:

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Thx @AbbeyX_295 :smile:

Lol just being honest! How you keep up with all those requests and still keep your head on straight is beyond me.

I don’t know how I do it either! xD :relaxed::woman_technologist:t5::woman_shrugging:t5:

Any chance you do art scenes? Jw cause I’m not sure if I should add them to my story or not…?

Nobody has requested one, but I can probably do them.

Well I’ll definitely get back to you if I decide I want an art scene! :grin:

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OMG! @brvnda I’m gonna cry!! :tired_face:

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