Feedbacks for art


Good evening, people ! I’m a kinda new Episode writer, and also an artist. Maybe some of you saw posts about my story, O Negative. And maybe some of you also saw the post about my commissions. So I just had an idea as I received a lot of messages and because some of you just don’t have the money to commission me (which I understand, I’m also broke af :sweat_smile: ) : In exchange of feedbacks or just a little look at my story, I could do some art for you ! It can be anything from fanart to art piece to include in your stories.
One thing tho : On these art pieces I wanna concentrate on characters (maybe because I kinda suck at backgrounds but anyway). I’d sincerely love to draw intense and touching moments from your stories ! (like a kiss, just two people looking intensely at eachother, a reunion, a hug, anything you’d like)
Anyway ! Here are some art pieces I made (don’t mind the grimness, I’m just a bit weird :sweat_smile: )

And here is the link to my story :
Thank you for reading my post, and have a good night ! :purple_heart:


Awesome sauce :grinning:


I’m definitely doing that trade cause your style is so uniquely unique!


It’s so great!


PM me to ask for a request ! :blush:


Just wow
This might be the most beautiful art I have seen here… Not just your perfect technique, but the emotions you bring into your art is extraordinary.

I am also quite new here, and I’m almost finished with my first episode in my story.
It is set in the 1800th century and have a grim undertone.
Until now, I have made all art myself, and I originally intended to keep it that way, but you’re just too good to let an opportunity like that pass me.
So you will be the first artist I request from ever!

If you could make a fan art of my two main characters, I would be so incredibly happy!
They are two twins with a very special bond. Annabelle and Isabelle. One of them was born sick and the other one is constantly trying to find her a cure. They have the deepest love for each other.

I could send you the link to my first episode when it is finished (in a few days, just waiting for some approved art), and you could chose whatever you want to draw. If you find any of the other characters relationship more interesting, you have to choose what inspires you the most of course! If you would do that, I will promise to promote the sh*t out of you in my story.

But, if you don’t have time or don’t want to, I understand completely. Your art looks like it takes so much time and effort, and to be honest you are obviously of another standard.
I truly don’t know why you are offering your art to peasants like us, but when I read it I just had to see if you were interested. :joy:

Either way, I will read your story, cause you got me intrigued. New fan here!


Your art style is so unique I love it.
Having a piece from you would be a privilege honestly.
Seriously in awe!

Your first piece reminds me of a scene I have for a story I’m working on, the male is in despair, heartbroken while he holds his dying lover. Very tragic stuff aha


1800 century ? You got me really interested ! PM me if you’d like anything, I’d love to draw something for you ! :smiley: Weirdly I never had success with my drawings. Not on internet, at least. I’m really happy you like my art ! :blush:


My god! This is honestly such an honor! :heart:
I’ll pm you the second I’m home!
I’m in heaven right now! :grin:

I truly can not understand why you haven’t made it on the internet yet. It has to be some bad luck! Do you have Instagram?


My pleasure ! :blush:
I do have instagram but there’s not a lot of drawings :confused:


Hi! Are you still making me the art I requested? If not, that’s okay!


Scarily good