Feedbacks on this character edit


So this week i have been improving so much and I would like so feedbacks on tnis character edit i cant do the jacket


I love it I think you’re doing a great job keep it up!


Thx :kissing_heart:


I would make the eyes look less solid.

They look very colored in.

But, overall, nice job…


Thank you I will fix it


I think the highlights could be more consistent, and if you add shadows and a little bit more details, it will be good


All these art are not yours so STOP CLAMING THERE YOURS


These are the same/a lot like edits @chr.edits.episode posts on her Instagram so unless you’re her, you can’t be posting them as your own. :thinking:


Those are mine and she stole it ugh


Are you @chr.edits.episode on Instagram?


I’m gonna start putting watermark




So you’re Chrissy? Have all your previous accounts not been suspended, for like… forever?


Huh what


Ohhhhh well I never created account except for this