Feedbacks please (Which one will make you read)

here is my new cover what do you think please share your thought i wont be angry I will just be improving

took me 31 minutes


hmm… the characters rnt the same size

I made 2 version

yes I feel the characters are sized strangely…

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i dont like it… the font is bad and the chrcters are kind of squished. i can make one message me yours are not too good (no offence )

yeh they are squished and it makes them look bad

31 minutes damn it would have took me like 2 hours lol I think you should make the charachters pop out more u get me?? Oh and make the words a bit smaller…? It looks nice in general :blush:

Oh and is this a real stories?

I’m helping her lol the rest is good

I would actually try to make it more simple, so if I were you I would change both the Love you and the And to black. I would also not italiscize the red. I like the second version more and maybe would even change the backdrop to something more simple. I feel like all of the extra things actually make it look more cheap if that makes sense, and I know that’s obviously not something that you want.

What app do u use?