Feeling bored? Here’s a list of all the forums mini-games!

Feeling bored?
Here is all the episode forums mini games that are Open! let me know if I’ve missed any! :heart::eyes:

Also let me know if this has been done before :triumph::nerd_face:

Last Letter, First Letter CELEBRITIES

The Name Game sunglasses - {GAME}

1000 Characters or Dumb Ways To Die

If you click on this thread you have to write a fun fact

First Emoji That Comes to Mind

The One Word Story Game!

GAME TIME❗️(the number game)


Silly poll game-Why did the chicken cross the road?

game_die Make A Story Title Using Your Initials game_die

The Sarcasm Game

(GAME) Crocodile

Break Up [Game] broken_heart

Hot or Not [GAME]

‘Last letter - First letter’ Song title game

Accusations (Game)

Nostalgia Game!

IS it TRUE that game

Tv shows/movies game!

I am in love with ? Game♥️

A pretty song Game‼️

hugs The Emoji Game hugs

What Is Most Important? (GAME)

Without Yes or No GAMES

21 Truth or dare game slight_smile

Last thing you did game!

Username War [GAME] v2

GAME: answer with YES and NO

The k-pop song game

Spam your favourite emoji!

Guess the song based on lyrics

Tv shows/movies game!


I am aware that there is probably more so let me know which ones I’m missing! :blob_sun:


That’s so cool! Thank you <3

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Thank you for this thread! As well as thank you for adding mine :two_hearts:

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Thanks :wink:

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did you search up all this
You must be really bored

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Nah I just searched game and added them :joy:

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