Feeling discouraged about my cover

Okay so this probably sounds dumb and i don’t know if i’m even in the right category :sob:

but I made my own cover for my new story, it’s not bad or horrible but it’s not like the beautiful covers i’ve seen on other peoples. I can’t afford commissions or anything and I don’t want to ask someone to do it for free and then not be able to do it in time. I’m entering the new contest and hope that my cover won’t discourage people to not read it.

Do you think it’s good enough that I have at least a possibility to win? I understand if I don’t win, but I don’t want to decrease my chances just because I have a bad cover. Does anyone have any advice on how to make a better one or something?

I’m probably being too dramatic lol.

Thank you to anyone who decides to give me advice!:slight_smile:

here is my cover right now.




Hey! I love your cover! Tbh, I made my cover, but I then saw others and really hated mine so much, that I had someone else make another cover for me. I don’t regret that because it’s completely awesome, but sometimes I kinda miss my old one but at the same time hate it.


Hii! :blob_hearts:

Your cover is awesome!

And don’t feel discouraged about it or it’s looks it’s the story that matters!

Yes, a commissioned cover gives it a nice touch but you should never feel ashamed or intimidated about other covers, if you put your time, & happiness into the story & cover their is no reason you have less of a chance than others! :blush:


thank you so much!

i’m really passionate about writing this story now and I’m having a lot of fun doing it. I just sometimes feel discouraged because of certain things that other people might have that i don’t.

This really helped me though!


right that’s how I feel, at first I was like “this looks dope” then looking at other covers made me feel insecure about it I guess.

thank you for the kind words though!


Ikr! At first I was so proud and now I look back and see that it was horrible

That’s my old cover. Pretty bad right?

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There’s nothing wrong with your cover hun. Personally I would’ve maybe used a filter to brighten it up a little bit but thats just me. :woman_shrugging:t5:. You shouldn’t feel discouraged just by that. I have a professional cover made and my story isn’t doing that well so I can understand how you feel. You just have to be confident in your ability and remember that no matter what you did your best and are still amazing. If you ever want any help in the future feel free to let me know. :purple_heart:


Hey! Your cover isn’t terrible at all. I can read the text, which is one of the most important parts of a good cover. The only thing I would critique is that image doesn’t appear to be the best quality, but that could just be from your screenshot.

Overall, your cover doesn’t look too bad (especially if this is your first time doing an Episode edit). I think you should focus on making the actual story good, and not worry as much as what the cover looks like.


Hello! I personnally really like your cover! :blob_hearts: It gives some mystery vibes that makes it unique. I don’t know if this is an opinion thread but, I prefer this type of cover than typical love story cover where you already know what’s going to happen. :sweat_smile: Also, as your own artwork, you should be very proud!! I get much more satisfaction from gretting a work done by myself, so be proud girl!! :kissing_heart: Do not compare your work to other, it’s simply different!! :exploding_head:


Comparing your work to others is what will continue to discourage you. We’re all different for a reason, so don’t ever feel the need to compare your work or talent to anyone because it’ll make you constantly try to work to their standard, and being unique and having confidence in your work is so much better. :cherry_blossom: