Feeling Down About My Art

Hi, everyone. I’ve been practicing my art a lot, but I still feel quite down about it. I’ve tried getting some critiques, but I feel like they always make me sad and feel awful about my art. My proportions are all messed up (as I have been told) and I try to fix it, but I just can’t get it right. It’s really hard for me to draw on my small phone with my finger, but I don’t have enough money to afford an iPad. Part of me wants to keep practicing to get better, but part of me just wants to stop for a while. I’m a really sensitive person and before people come at me for asking for advice and then getting mad at them, I really don’t do that. I reply in a civil manner and then get sad about it by myself. I feel like I suck and I don’t know what to do about it. I want to sell my art someday, but I don’t think I could make a living off the prices people have recommended and I don’t feel confident at all. I feel like I should be near perfect or not do it at all (I’m a hardcore perfectionist in absolutely everything). Transitioning into digital art has been really hard for me. I just feel like I’m so bad compared to all those successful artists I see even though I try my best. Sorry if it sounds like a pity party. I’m not trying to do that, I just feel discouraged and don’t know what to do.


Girl, I have seen your art in the Share your Art, Edits, and Drawings 4! thread.

this is one of my fav arts of yours. You are a great artist. Pls dont feel down. Your art is just as amazing as you are. I mean look at that. Only an amazingly artist can do that.I just love your art so much and it’s sad that you are feeling down about it., instead you should feel so much proud. If you are able to do that, I am sure that with more practice u can ace it. Try to relax and think about your own interest and not about what others have to say to it. It’s your Interest and passion that matters when it comes to art and also def Hardwork. Yes, when it comes to realistic it might be tough but hey we gotta start somewhere right? It’s good to try than to just take a step back and regret it. I mean it for everyone. Just don’t give up yet! you can do it, girl!

And one more thing
Well, if you’re a perfectionist, then I am damn sure that you will make your art so much worthy than it already is. I have seen that all the talented artist have these kind of ups and downs. BUt always remember failures are the stepping stones to success. DOn’t take it in a wrong way when people give low prices on your art. Just think about how u can make them say those high prices that u expect from their own mouth. That’s what success feels like. When u feel the ones who degraded you at once will suddenly start to appreacite you. That my girl is worth than anything in world.


Thank you. I will try to relax about it. I’m just not really used to getting criticism for my art and when I do, it hurts me. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.


I think the only problem here is your vision.


:sweat_smile: Um I don’t think so. I have quite good vision. I just feel like I’m not doing anything right.


Hey, I just checked out your art after reading this and I think it’s amazing, especially this one:

The fact that you can this much on a phone shows how great of an artist you are. Hun, I honestly can’t wait to see other things that you can create, just keep going and don’t give up :heart:


No, I meant it like: if you look at your art, and see something not good enough, then there is (metaphorically) something wrong with your vision…


Ofc girl anytime it happens to me to but i am a author. Thats how i handle things. Try to take a break from all those people just sit relax and hear your fav music or take a walk with your frnds in a park or something. think it through. and i assure that you will feel better and you will come back as one of the best ones ever!


Thank you. I will try to keep going.

@Annasilveroriginal :joy: Thank you, I still disagree though.

@Madhu Thank you. A break does sound good. I sure hope so!


@ArtisticWaffle Glad that I could help hun! Just hit me a dm whenever you need me. I will always be here to encourage and support you and also dont stress too much on it thats not good for your health


Thank you so much! I appreciate your willingness to help me :heart: If you ever need some help, I’ll do my best to help too


First of all you need to shut up cause girl your art is the definition of perfection every single time you post an edit I always get jealous and wish I was amazing just like you. Second of all you need to stop doubting yourself cause one day you might become a famous artist and you might even become better den all those other successful artist. And it’s only finna happen if you just keep trying nd believing yourself . and I’m pretty sure all those successful artist you be seeing didn’t become successful by doubting their self and thinking their art is not good enough , they become famous from trying and trying and believing their self and asking for criticism from people and seeing what they can do to make their art better. And you don’t become a perfectionist at art over night it take years . And you should never feel bad about your art. And you should try to have fun doing what u love den tryna get everything so perfect And You really need to get your vision fix


ofc hun but i dont expect anything back in return though. Just to here to make my fellow editors and authors happy. thats all

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Okay, that’s honestly me, except I’m not really sensitive, but I can relate on why you get unmotivated.

You’ve come a long way. I’ve seen your art, it’s amazing! Maybe focus more on the eyes and more on the shading, but honestly, I still love your art. I draw on my phone too and I could relate with that struggle. You don’t suck at all. If you put your art on commissions, I’ll for sure buy it if I have money (I’m broke af)! You can always take a break from art as well, so you don’t pressurize yourself. AND DON’T SAY YOU’RE BAD!!!

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Thank you! You are amazing! I’m sorry I make you jealous. :grimacing: I do want to be a successful artist. That’s what I want to be which is also where a lot of the pressure comes from. I’ll try to stop doubting myself. Thank you for your kind words. I don’t know about the vision thing though :sweat_smile:

Aw thank you! I don’t mind though.

@Epi.milkyway Thanks for understanding me. Thanks! Yeah, drawing on a phone is hard. Thanks for offering to buy it, that’s very sweet of you! Okay, I’ll stop :sweat_smile:

@Rainy_epyy Thank you for the love! :joy:

@Natasha.Brown1 Aw thank you so much! I’m glad you would commission! That means a lot to me. I’m glad you think I’m sweet and talented! Thanks again. :heart:


First of all: I really fcken love ur art and I look up to you as an artist. Your art is so damn good and just inspiring for me to keep on going to get better like u. But I also feel u, I also draw on phone as well and tbh it’s become harder and harder. You’re really flipping talented and you’ve come a long way :joy: I’ve seen ur art on the share your arts thread and WEW chile the talent ratatata. I believe as time goes on you’ll be able to take criticism better and stop pressuring yourself to exceed your limits. I understand ur feeling of un-motivation and being a perfectionist but like girl I already feel like if u done commissions you’d really do extremely well especially since ur style is so good.

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Thank you so much! :pleading_face: I’m so glad you look up to me, I look up to you! It is really hard. I’m glad you think I’d do well, thank you for encouraging me! I just want to sustain myself and it’s hard when people are only willing to pay like 5 dollars for like 4 hours of my life…


Awh no problem but 5 dollars? Your art is worth so much more than that especially when u put so much time into it! Whoever said that clearly doesn’t know the efforts and time u put into ur art. I’d pay at least 30-40 dollars for a half body drawing and that’s on period. Don’t listen to people who’re saying extremely low prices because they’re going way too low for something that has as good quality as what u make!


Thank you! Yeah I thought that was a bit harsh to suggest… Aw that’s so sweet, thank you! I won’t commission anything for 5 dollars, don’t worry :wink: