Feeling Down? (Safe Haven)



The kind soul reading this is a beautiful, confident, strong and an amazing person…

I’ve always seen Episode as a platform for sharing ideas and opinions and a way to communicate to other passionate people. I understand that many unfortunate girls and boys have bad days or life is being a little hard on them, so I made this post for anyone who is down or having self shame. They can come and pile all their problems and feelings into a comment and post it. I want this to be a place of acceptance, a place where no one would be judged or called an “attention seeker”.

I want to be able to help anyone out there who is suffering, anyone whom needs someone to accept the weight of their difficulties. I will try to respond to anyone who is needing the support. I also encourage everyone to help out one another, and show compassion and sympathy to those who need it.

If you know anyone who may need this post, please share it.

Just remember if you have symptoms of depression or suicidal thoughts, please seek out professional help, for there is only so much I can do.

I hope you find peace in letting your emotions free.

~ hellowillow

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Love this thread :two_hearts: I have no (major) problems at the moment, but I may come here if I do :sweat_smile: If you need anyone to talk or vent to, I’m also here :blush:


I’ve been feeling a little blue these past few days…I experience anxiety often and it’s been heightened these past few weeks. Me and my friends have finished school and everyone is leaving for college/university. Everyone is so excited but I can’t help but feel a pang of sadness that everyone is going their separate ways and it’s likely most of us will not see each other for a long time/ever again.

Due to unforeseen reasons I cannot attend university this year and will be staying back a year. I am happy for everyone starting the next chapter of their lives…But I can’t help but feel a bit left behind.

Threads like this make me so happy to be apart of the Episode community. I know some writers will feel a bit down and blue sometimes and with such a supportive community I’m really happy to feel safe to share my feelings and support others if they are unhappy. Thank you for making this thread and is anyone wants to talk my inbox is always open :wink: