Feeling like my story isn’t good enough

Hello, I just wanted to ask does anyone else feel like their story isn’t good enough. I’ve just started writing chapter 4 and I am going back to the beginning of my story to check that it all makes sense. But every time I do that, every time I grow more and more insecure about my story and I don’t know if it’s just me? :sweat_smile:


I think every author hits this dilemma at some point in their writing. I’ve gotten very discouraged over the fact that I don’t think that the way I planned and have written my story is the best that it could be.

The best advice I can give is to believe in yourself and your writing. Plus, if you’re still new to writing, you can’t expect yourself to be phenomenal right from the start. Be patient and know that even if your fears are true, there’s always room to get better.

You can do this, and I’m sure your story is great


No it’s not just you, I actually used to have the similar problem it’s just that everytime I went back to my story, I ended up braining more ideas outta nowhere and kept coding the new idea that came in my head. What I did was write it out and written down all the ideas I had in mind and put some of them together and left the ones behind. If you haven’t written your story out, I’ll say you should, it helps a lot.

Hope this helps. :sweat_smile:


Definitely not just you, it’s often why I give up on story ideas. I have so many story ideas all the time, some of which I am motivated to continue at the beginning, but sooner or later I get quite a way into it and grow insecure about it and wonder if people would even want to read it. I begin to detect plot holes, mistakes etc that I hadn’t noticed before, and I find myself unable to figure out how to fix them so I give up on the story altogether.


Don’t feel like that! I myself have a story which I feel the same about but I always update the directing and stuff when I have time. You don’t always have to make epy-award wining stories, there always has to be a start at some point

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Honestly, every day, I wake up and just feel disheartened to see that my stories aren’t doing as well as I want them to. I would say that, to some degree, I’ve gotten over it. I’ve met so many wonderful people who remind me that my writing is worth something and that I should never doubt myself. I truly am grateful to all of those people who have helped me get to where I am.

At the same time, that doubt has never really gone away, nor do I think it ever will. Unless you writing your story really makes you hurt, don’t give up on it! Your work is appreciated and remember that every opportunity should be a learning opportunity. Maybe you’re not doing well now, but one day, you can use that as a chance to make something better that you, above all, are happy with.

Good luck, and I look forward to reading in the future. :hearts:

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Does anybody wanna collab ???. I’m having writer block and I think that if I collab with somebody I would get better ?

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I’m always torn between “Yes, my story is great!” and “No, no, no. This isn’t as good as it can be!” when I’m writing but when I publish something and I don’t get the reads that I’m hoping for – I definitely begin to question whether my story is good at all and if all of the effort I put into it was a waste. I know I shouldn’t, but it’s hard to think otherwise.

@Zion3 try looking at #creators-discussion:find-a-writing-partner you should have better luck there.