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Tell me if I am wrong. If someone have a problem with an image on your thread. They should pm you instead of causing an argument on your thread. I know they have good intentions but I just didn’t think that was the place to do I

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A thread that is not meant for it

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You are not wrong, personal arguments should be taken to PMs, especially if it’s off-topic, as this can get the post flagged or the entire topic closed, and it causes drama and gets innocent people caught in the crossfire.

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Not trying to be rude but I know they could’ve stated the problem a little kinder. I understand what you mean but you should know about copyright and that’s stealing so they helped you from a possible lawsuit or trouble.


I saw! OK, their intent wasn’t bad. They were just trying to help and possibly save you from legal trouble because you were using images that had a watermark on them (they were someone else’s and came from the internet). You were giving and editing them away to people which is unfair to the artist, whom you need permission from first and to view what the requirements are for using the image.

Not every image is free to use-if you see a watermark on an image, don’t use it. There are free sites that you can check out.

Check out these threads:

Please do not use images off Google because they belong to someone and could be copyrighted. You are stealing someone else’s hard work and it’s not fair. If someone used something of yours, you’d be upset (or not, depending on how you feel about the situation, but most people would be really upset)


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