Feeling tired and down and I am not ok

Thank you for your support and I will go check out your dm/pm rn :blush::slightly_smiling_face:.


@lanafrazer_episode to answer your question yes there are 4 shards but once it centers to Rosalie donโ€™t tap 1 or more collected shards where it centers on her or else the game will mess up. Just move through the background zones and tap to find all of the shards but once the tapped shard centers to Rosalie donโ€™t tap on it or donโ€™t tap on it more than once, keep tapping the other shards and leave it on Rosalie before 15 seconds of time runs out. That is why people are saying it is a glitch but again hopefully after the contest since I can not make additional dialogue changes I can do my best to make the game sound more clear to people.

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Agreed! And thank you for the tag!


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