Fellow authors, help me out!



It’s quite hard to narrow down the description of a story and I’m struggling. Can someone help me reduce it to 180 characters so it can fit and actually sounds appealing to the readers?
Here’s the little summary-ish of the story: Childhood friends Neil and Kinsley lose touch when Kinsley moves to Italy for the opportunity of a lifetime. But little does Kinsley know, Neil’s been in love with her since as far as he can remember! When things don’t pan out, will Neil still be waiting for her in their hometown and will she finally realize what she’s been missing out on?


I feel your pain. Literally the reason I don’t give my MC long names.

When Kinsley moves to Italy for the chance of a lifetime, she leaves behind Neil, who’s been in love with her since their childhood. What happens when Kinsley returns?

It’s kind of vague, but I think it covers the main points


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Omg, I love it! Thank you so much. I really appreciate it <3


No worries, you’re very welcome